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Artist Statement

A message for

I have always been an observer.  Quietly connecting with the world around me.  I observe people, places, settings, as well as, color, texture and light.  What fascinates me most is the way that people live based on their life experiences, their interpretations of life events and their beliefs.

Inspiration for my art comes from my observations but also from the influences of the people in my life, my "teachers".  They include family, friends, fellow artists and sometimes, people I have never met!


I embrace challenge and change.  Currently the focus of my art lies in several techniques which "paint on glass".  One process uses finely ground glass, called "frit" and different binding agents to adhere it to the sheet glass.  The other process for glass painting is screen printing.  Similar to silk screen printing, this process uses "frit" instead of ink.  JUst started experimenting with enamels.

While most of the images for "paint on glass" are organic in nature, I am also using more angular designs while exploring: pot melts, pattern bars and stringers.

I continue my work with metal inclusions with passion and curiosity.

As I continue to live and learn, I am grateful to all my teachers.  My hope is that, as you view my work,

you will find a personal connection to my observations of our world and my art.

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