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In 2009, Emelie retired from a career in business and education.  Always finding time throughout her life to study both art history and different art mediums, she dreamed of being an artist.  Whenever possible she took art classes at both the college and community recreation levels.  Emelie studied Surface Design for three years at the California School of Professional Fabric Design.  She discovered glass as a perfect medium for continuing her life's journey.  Emelie, and her husband Dale, collaborate on designs in wood, metal and gems.


        Community Arts Education                     Jan. 2016 to present

        Walnut Creek, CA

         Bullseye Resource Center                      April 2015-ongoing

         Emeryville, CA

         Andre Zunino Glass Studio                    July 2011-April 2016

         Fremont, CA

          CA School of Prof. Fabric Design         Fall 2006-Summer 2009

          Berkeley, CA

          Ohlone Community College                   Fall 1988-Spring 2011

          Fremont, CA

          Int. Design, Art History, Drawing, Glass

          College of San Mateo                           Summer 1969-Spring 1988

          San Mateo, CA

          Ceramics-Rascon & P.Voulkis

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